best gps tracker for car

Best GPS Tracker for car in India 0 installation effort required.

Best GPS Tracker for car  in India 0 installation effort  required.

Imagine you have purchased a brand new car & required to install the best gps tracker for car . Is it not a great option? If you don’t need to cut or tamper with any wire in your brand new car, cutting the wire or tampering with any wire is not recommended, whether it may be a new or old vehicle. Because if you cut a wire to install GPS device into your car you may face the problem like car sudden stop while driving or suddenly off the headlight of the vehicle, horn not working etc. which is related to the car electric line wiring , every car has their specific electric wiring diagram based on the model & make so its very challenging to understand the proper wiring design without the appropriate wiring chart of the particular model even by the experienced technicians also , so it’s always better to avoid the cut wire of the vehicle to install a GPS device & try to install the OBD devices for your car,OBD GPS device mean onboard diagnosis device every vehicle has a OBD port & you need to plug this device inside the port it’s a plug & play device so you don’t need to cut any wire in the car or tamper any think we are providing here the list of advantage & disadvantage of the all type of GPS devices as bellow mentioned along with the video tutorials for the OBD devices installation guide for your convenience .

Wired gps advantage Disadvantage Magnetic gps advantageDisadvantageOBD gps advantage Disadvantage
Low cost . Dificult to install require to cut the vehicle wire .No installation is required .The Device may be lost due to jerking of the car while driving.No installation is required .Cost may be slightly higher than other devices.
An external battery is not required can run on a car battery.The device may get damaged in water due to outdoor installation if the device doesn’t not meet atleast ip66 waterproof standard.Suitable for assets tracking .Not suitable for car . The latest technology & most of the feature is available.Not suitable for outdoor usage.
Suitable for old model heavy commercial vehicle like truck , trailer , dumper pickup van etc.Not Suitable for Light , private vehicle & two-wheeler .Easily removable from any object .Not suitable for any fixed installation . Remote software/firmware update supported. No need to remove the device from the car.OBD port is required in the car; it’s not supported the vehicles where an OBD port is not available.
Software update option is avlaible .The device is required to uninstall from the vehicle to update the software.It can be used for various use cases like assets tracking, pet tracking, children or elderly tracking, etc.A strong inbuild battery requires atleast 5000 Mah; otherwise, you need to charge the battery frequently.The Data is most accurate because it’s getting the data from the OBD port directlyNot suitable for heavy vehicles or old model vehicles where the OBD port is not available.
Installation is fixed .Must uninstall the device if you want to fit it into another vehicle.The device is suitable for both indoor & outdoor environments as well.The device must have ip66 compliance, water & dustproof to use in the outdoor environments.Small device easy to hide inside the car . Pet & personal tracking is not supported like magnetic devices .

Please find the OBD installation video here; please remember the OBD Port may be located in a different place according to the vehicle model & make. 

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