Top 10 essential tips for choosing the best GPS tracker .

best waterproof magnetic gps tracker .
Top 10 essential tips for choosing the best GPS tracker .
  1. Waterproof GPS tracker – It’s always better to choose at least the ip-66 version of the waterproof device. The waterproof does not mean only it saves the instruments from water. It can also prevent the gps tracker from moisture and protect it from humid weather conditions, which is essential to extend the life of the machines because the moisture can damage the PCB of the devices thus, it can reduce the device life & accuracy , click here to get more details on amazon .
  1. 4g+LBS GPS tracker – please consider choosing the 4g technology with LBS, “location-based service”, because it’s always provided better accuracy & stable connectivity to gps tracker The LBS technology can automatically select the mobile signal where the GPS signal coverage is unavailable, click here to get more details on amazon.
  2. Magnetic GPS tracker – Always consider the magnetic option if you want to avoid the installation part; please remember you need to choose the strong battery backup for the device, and you require to charge the battery periodically when the charge is exhausted if your use cases are permanent & fixed for your vehicle or asset, we recommend always choose the non-magnetic fixed gps tracker which can get power from the battery of your car or asset, click here to get more details on amazon.
  3. Gps tracker with free sim card- some companies offer free sim cards with their GPS devices. We strongly recommend only using your sim card with the devices, don’t use any third-party sim card as far as your security is concerned. You do not have any control over the third-party sim card.
  4. Gps tracker near me- Always try to purchase the devices from the local suppliers within your country and ensure the after-sales support mechanism before buying. Its always recommended the vendor should have at least one support phone no or live chat system for faster resolution. 
  5. Pet GPS tracker – if you are going to purchase a GPS tracker for your pet, always check if the electronics fence & voice monitoring feature is included In the devices so that you can get the notification if your pet is moved out from any specified location set by you. You can also monitor their voice in case of any emergency. Always try to choose the lighter device as much as possible so that your pet does not feel uncomfortable while carrying the device , click here to get more details on amazon.
  6. Gps tracker for two-wheeler/ bike – electronics fencing & remote engine shutoff must-have option when you are going to choose the GPS tracker for your two-wheeler or bike so that you can get the notification instantly when your bike is out of the geofence area, you can shut off your bike engine remotely if it is required, please read the device manual carefully & understand the remote engine shutoff/on command before you lock your bike remotely, click here to get more details on amazon.
  7. Asset GPS tracker /asset tracker- when you think to purchase an asset tracking device for your asset consider this must-have feature, Strong magnet & wide surface area in the device to hold the asset properly, strong battery at least 5000 mah lithium-ion battery, ip-66 waterproof, geofence / electronic fence in out alert, GPS + LBS option” location-based services” so that the device can pick the mobile signal automatically in a case out of the GPS coverage area or poor GPS signal area, make sure the devices is supported 4G connectivity for better accuracy & stability , click here to get more details on amazon .
  8. Elderly GPS tracker – The must-have feature of the elderly devices is the device should have the SOS /emergency button & the medical alert system is optional. You can opt in the medical alert system against the subscription in the USA, or if your country is supported this feature, the device should be water-resistant & lightweight so that you can carry it comfortably even in the rainy season, long battery life and 4g & wifi supported for better accuracy in the indoor environment & as well as for the medical alert system , click here to get more details on amazon.
  9. Personal GPS tracker – the must-have feature of the personal GPS device should have encrypted data option for your privacy & security, durable & long battery life, multi-mode signal supported for better accuracy & connectivity in the indoor environment also like wifi, 4G, LBS & Bluetooth, click here to get more details on amazon.

Best gps tracker in India .

Please see here Our team memebers details .


is gps tracker is mandatory in india for car.

Yes ,gps tracker is mandatory for commercial vehicle in india as per the road Transport and highway (morth) ministry guidelines please click here to read the order copy of ministry of road transport & highways govt of india .

can i install gps device in my car by myself.

it is always recommended to install gps device in your car by skilled technicians only otherwise your car may get damage during installation due to short circuit or reverse polarity if the connection method does not follow properly .

Do GPS devices helps to get back lost car?

Yes, please ensure your device is activated with the engine immobilization feature so that you can stop/ start your vehicle engine remotely by command. Please ensure that your machine comes with the immobilization relay, as we share in the image. Otherwise, this option will not work. Please read the user’s manual carefully for the stop/start command.

is magnetic gps device is best option for car.

No, magnetic devices are suitable for personal tracking & asset tracking, but that is not ideal for vehicle tracking. The device may be lost while jerking the car, and many features are missing that are necessary for the vehicle. You need to remove the device frequently from your vehicle to charge the battery of the GPS tracker.

Do the GPS tracker work only in the open sky, or its work under the roof also.

Please ensure before you purchase the GPS tracker, it supports the lbs (location-based services ). Also, it features to tracked through mobile data or wifi in an indoor environment where GPS signal coverage is not available.

How can I restart my car if I forget the command after stopping my vehicle through the engine immobilization option of my GPS tracker?

The engine immobilizer is cut the fuel supply to the engine of the car; thus, your car become stops. It’s recommended you cut the supply wire of the GPS tracker, as shown in the picture. After that, start your car, please don’t try to restart your vehicle before you cut the proper wire repeatedly, otherwise, your engine may get affected &the car self may get damaged if you face any difficulty please contact to a car electric mechanic of your nearest garage .

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